We are doing what we love - From our Partners to our engineers, everyone associated with Karmasukom Energy is passionate about Helping You Reduce Energy Costs through our range of Sustainable Solutions !

Our country - India is considered to be among the Sun's Most Favoured Nation & receives Large Amount of Solar Energy which is clean, abundant, distributed & can now be tapped at a low cost.  

Electricity is an essential part of our modern life - Today Solar Power allows You to Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life at a Lower Cost & it is Our Dedication to make this possible.

Some of Our Customers are even looking to go Further & Achieve Complete Energy Independence through our new Hybrid Solar Solutions. That’s amazing !


Karmasukom Energy along with its Technical & Sales Associates have a combined Renewable Energy experience of over 10 years & across the World. We also have a keen interest in contributing to Rural Development, thus we are working closely with research driven Universities to jointly commercialize & promote products to help the underprivileged.

India is Poised to be a Global Leader in the Development of Solar Power
— World Bank Report

Solutions We offer

  • Residential Solar PV 
  • Commercial Solar PV 
  • Industrial Solar PV
  • Irrigation / Water Solar PV
  • Off - Grid Residential Solar PV
  • Micro - Grid & Energy Storage
  • next-gen Hybrid Solar PV 
  • Solar PV Modules & BoS Components
  • Solar Gadgets & Accessories

We offer Pre-Designed & Pre-Engineered Renewable Energy systems.

These pre-engineered systems or kits have been designed intuitively by Symtech Solar & their  expertise enables our Customers, Distribution Partners & Solar Installers to receive a Unique Solution.