We are an Integrated Energy Solutions Organisation Looking to Help Commercial, Industrial & Residential units


The Unit Price (kWh) of Electricity has risen steadily, with more than 30% Increase in just last 3 years for Commercial consumers.

This increase in tariff is expected to further increase over the coming years.

Our Energy Solutions are in the form of State of the Art -

Rooftop Solar PV Systems, Innovative Hybrid Generation Systems, High Efficiency LED Lighting & Essential Solutions for Rural India




We Strive to Consistently Address the Energy Problems of Commercial, Industrial & Residential consumers & Develop
New Opportunities for them.

Our in-depth Solar PV knowledge and our Technical Partners Strong expertise in Manufacturing & System integration experience is the foundation of how we design & develop
our projects.


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Reduce costs

Ready to Reduce Your Energy Cost & Go Green ?

Together we can share a vision to make a difference & contribute towards creating a better future for India.


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